A good mattress is indispensable for good health and productivity

Sleepezee Software

A good mattress is indispensable for good health and productivity, especially in today’s demanding era of desk jobs, tight sleep schedules, and poor spinal health. Many of our day-to-day problems like back pain, muscle tightness, lack of flexibility, lack of concentration, irritability and so on can be attributed directly to not getting a good night’s sleep.

However, not everyone needs the same mattress. Our bodies change with age and time. No two human bodies are the same in terms of their structure, so why should a single type of mattress be sufficient for everyone? Mattresses can be soft or hard depending upon the requirements of the individual. Thus, our range of products is wide enough to have a mattress for everyone.

But how do you choose the right mattress for yourself? It’s easy, just use our specially designed software to find the optimal product for your needs. Based on our advanced research and many years of collecting data from our customers, the software helps you choose a mattress depending on parameters like age and weight which are compared with many clinical results. It’s very simple to use, too!


1. Enter your basic details and your weight and height as asked.

2. On the next page, enter the issues you are currently facing.
    A. Choose the difficulty you have in tasks like getting up and lifting weight.
    B. Choose the body pains that you are experiencing.

3. That’s it! Our software will let you know about the ideal products that will help you recover faster and get a good night’s sleep! We will also email you the information for easy reference in the future.

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